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Bursa Malaysia extends gains at mid-morning
2021-Feb-25 12:05:50
Malaysia’s Covid-19 infectivity rate back up to nearly 1.0 as Negri tops list
2021-Feb-25 12:03:14
Myanmar minister flies to Thailand for crisis talks
2021-Feb-25 07:00:40
Oman suspends entry for arrivals from 10 countries
2021-Feb-25 05:57:44
India's groundwater crisis threatens food security for hundreds of millions, study says
2021-Feb-25 03:01:47
Ghana becomes first nation in world to receive UN Covax vaccines
2021-Feb-25 01:59:08
Self-defence not the answer to Nigeria's kidnap crisis
2021-Feb-25 00:41:49
Rage boils over amid Argentina’s unrelenting femicide crisis
2021-Feb-24 19:56:29
France's Dunkirk area to join Nice in weekend lockdown amid 'deteriorating' Covid-19 situation - health minister
2021-Feb-24 18:22:59
Germany's top-selling newspaper admires UK's vaccine rollout
2021-Feb-24 18:17:00
Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: Maiduguri rocket attack kills 10
2021-Feb-24 17:23:40
Sweden clamps down on restaurant hours, advises solo shopping in bid to curb ‘worrying’ Covid-19 situation
2021-Feb-24 17:06:45
Ghana receives 600,000 vaccines in first Covax delivery – video
2021-Feb-24 16:47:08
Poland outlaws face coverings and scarves in favor of masks, ramps up regional restrictions as British Covid-19 variant spreads
2021-Feb-24 15:53:57
France considers new local lockdowns to stem ‘worsening’ Covid-19 situation
2021-Feb-24 13:44:27
Hungary starts using China's coronavirus vaccine in EU first
2021-Feb-24 12:18:36
Ghana receives world's first free Covid-19 vaccines under Covax scheme
2021-Feb-24 10:46:09
China’s fight against Covid-19 cut deaths from other illnesses – study
2021-Feb-24 09:53:23
Ghana receives 600,000 free doses of COVID vaccine as part of global scheme
2021-Feb-24 09:11:00
First vaccine doses distributed by COVAX land in Ghana
2021-Feb-24 02:34:14
EU Commission wants 6 members to ease Covid-related border restrictions as Germany defends curbs
2021-Feb-23 16:02:27
After 500,000 lives lost, a ray of hope shines on the American horizon
2021-Feb-23 11:55:41
Georgian opposition leader arrested, deepening the political crisis in the South Caucasus country
2021-Feb-23 08:49:00
America's half a million Covid deaths a stark reminder of challenges for Biden
2021-Feb-22 21:42:44