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UK daily deaths at lowest since October; Israel's Covid curbs 'nearly over'
2021-Mar-07 23:02:53
Daytona Beach prepares for tens of thousands of bikers to ride into town
2021-Mar-07 23:02:26
3,000 at Romania anti-vaccination protest amid COVID-19 rise
2021-Mar-07 19:58:39
Priti Patel orders review into lockdown killing of woman in Wales
2021-Mar-07 19:19:37
Singapore builds huge floating solar farm at sea in bid to tackle climate crisis
2021-Mar-07 17:56:52
Singapore built world's first bubble facility so people can travel for business without quarantine
2021-Mar-07 16:56:34
Israel re-opens restaurants, bars with 40% of country fully vaccinated
2021-Mar-07 16:18:19
Austria halts injections of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine batch as authorities probe death
2021-Mar-07 14:52:47
Hackers breach thousands of Microsoft customers around the world
2021-Mar-07 13:09:22
COVID surge stirs unrest in parts of Latin America
2021-Mar-07 10:59:32
Myanmar crisis heightens with police raids and strike call
2021-Mar-07 08:41:59
Thousands turn out for Vienna anti-lockdown protest
2021-Mar-07 08:36:41
Austrians lash out at govt as thousands of anti-lockdown demonstrators march through Vienna (VIDEO)
2021-Mar-07 07:19:58
USA – New York reopens cinemas after a year
2021-Mar-07 05:04:31
Paraguay president dismisses ministers
2021-Mar-07 04:19:11
France extends weekend lockdown to northern Pas-de-Calais region
2021-Mar-06 17:12:38
Venezuelan President Maduro gets first shot of Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine
2021-Mar-06 16:55:16
Covid-19 antibody drug 80 times more potent than Trump’s tested in Italy
2021-Mar-06 14:55:33
President of Brazil, presiding over one of the worst Covid outbreaks, tells people to 'stop whining'
2021-Mar-06 10:25:51
Mozambique conflict sparks mental health crisis
2021-Mar-06 08:00:29
France calls up 4,400 officers to enforce 6pm curfew in Paris amid rising Covid-19 infections and compliance concerns
2021-Mar-05 14:40:01
Cambodians who flout Covid rules could face 20 YEARS in prison after parliament passes draconian law
2021-Mar-05 14:04:09
Guinea’s neighbors 'not ready' for resurgent Ebola, says WHO, as risk of cross-border transmission ‘very high’ in West Africa
2021-Mar-05 12:34:36
Pope Francis begins historic trip to Iraq in first papal visit to the Middle Eastern nation (VIDEO)
2021-Mar-05 12:09:16
Australian PM says he understands Italy’s export block on 250,000 Covid-19 vaccines
2021-Mar-05 10:41:47
Too much stimulus in the U.S. may bring 'imported inflation' to China, economists warn
2021-Mar-05 07:07:20