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Covid-19/Coronavirus Cases in
United States

Last updated: Jul 07 2020 23:13:08 UTC
Area Infected Died Recovered
Alabama448781007not sure.
Alaska116216not sure.
Arizona1014551829not sure.
Arkansas24253292not sure.
California2710356441not sure.
Colorado342401691not sure.
Connecticut469764338not sure.
Delaware12293512not sure.
Diamond Princess490not sure.
District of Columbia10515561not sure.
Florida2064473778not sure.
Georgia970642878not sure.
Grand Princess1033not sure.
Guam3015not sure.
Hawaii103019not sure.
Idaho805294not sure.
Illinois1478657026not sure.
Indiana485242698not sure.
Iowa31758723not sure.
Kansas16638285not sure.
Kentucky17152593not sure.
Louisiana663273296not sure.
Maine3423109not sure.
Maryland699043246not sure.
Massachusetts1101378198not sure.
Michigan732676221not sure.
Minnesota385691511not sure.
Mississippi312571114not sure.
Missouri242111051not sure.
Montana124923not sure.
Nebraska20046283not sure.
Nevada22909537not sure.
New Hampshire5914382not sure.
New Jersey17361115229not sure.
New Mexico13507515not sure.
New York39764932219not sure.
North Carolina747751432not sure.
North Dakota384980not sure.
Northern Mariana Islands312not sure.
Ohio579562927not sure.
Oklahoma16362399not sure.
Oregon10395215not sure.
Pennsylvania951006754not sure.
Puerto Rico8585155not sure.
Rhode Island16991960not sure.
South Carolina46380827not sure.
South Dakota710597not sure.
Tennessee52039652not sure.
Texas2056422677not sure.
Utah25469190not sure.
Vermont125156not sure.
Virgin Islands1126not sure.
Virginia661021853not sure.
Washington369851369not sure.
West Virginia344295not sure.
Wisconsin32061796not sure.
Wyoming167520not sure.

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