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Covid-19/Coronavirus Cases in
United States

Last updated: Feb 27 2021 12:14:42 UTC
Area Infected Died Recovered
Alabama4918499869not sure.
Alaska58263290not sure.
Arizona81452815897not sure.
Arkansas3186385407not sure.
California355931151794not sure.
Colorado4261985940not sure.
Connecticut2799467622not sure.
Delaware860981418not sure.
Diamond Princess490not sure.
District of Columbia402841009not sure.
Florida189822330624not sure.
Georgia100082217219not sure.
Grand Princess1033not sure.
Guam7734130not sure.
Hawaii27606436not sure.
Idaho1709071859not sure.
Illinois118356922675not sure.
Indiana66007112531not sure.
Iowa3629515463not sure.
Kansas2959974692not sure.
Kentucky4029264600not sure.
Louisiana4285929587not sure.
Maine44296701not sure.
Maryland3804367838not sure.
Massachusetts57798016024not sure.
Michigan64412516438not sure.
Minnesota4829786530not sure.
Mississippi2935426638not sure.
Missouri4943298269not sure.
Montana996131354not sure.
Nebraska2004472078not sure.
Nevada2930294942not sure.
New Hampshire748931167not sure.
New Jersey78283323192not sure.
New Mexico1847363685not sure.
New York162421347389not sure.
North Carolina85590511186not sure.
North Dakota997111472not sure.
Northern Mariana Islands1432not sure.
Ohio96438017183not sure.
Oklahoma4230234320not sure.
Oregon1548782206not sure.
Pennsylvania92863323895not sure.
Puerto Rico998602023not sure.
Rhode Island1256222502not sure.
South Carolina5132958477not sure.
South Dakota1121071879not sure.
Tennessee77251311377not sure.
Texas264346343376not sure.
Utah3700841907not sure.
Vermont14963204not sure.
Virgin Islands263625not sure.
Virginia5726398197not sure.
Washington3388224956not sure.
West Virginia1312342291not sure.
Wisconsin6160186999not sure.
Wyoming54350671not sure.

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