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Covid-19/Coronavirus Cases in
United States

Last updated: Mar 07 2021 23:14:42 UTC
Area Infected Died Recovered
Alabama49941110149not sure.
Alaska59285305not sure.
Arizona82511916323not sure.
Arkansas3246535297not sure.
California359676054134not sure.
Colorado4357625986not sure.
Connecticut2853307704not sure.
Delaware881391464not sure.
Diamond Princess490not sure.
District of Columbia412731030not sure.
Florida194089731620not sure.
Georgia102177817905not sure.
Grand Princess1033not sure.
Guam7749133not sure.
Hawaii28060443not sure.
Idaho1729311879not sure.
Illinois119718723003not sure.
Indiana66651612726not sure.
Iowa3395295552not sure.
Kansas2981884768not sure.
Kentucky4101844806not sure.
Louisiana4330459716not sure.
Maine45639704not sure.
Maryland3866107941not sure.
Massachusetts58993116374not sure.
Michigan65607216658not sure.
Minnesota4891166614not sure.
Mississippi2973216805not sure.
Missouri4976958506not sure.
Montana1006561379not sure.
Nebraska2026532113not sure.
Nevada2959605036not sure.
New Hampshire766951181not sure.
New Jersey81009023557not sure.
New Mexico1867423796not sure.
New York168699348247not sure.
North Carolina87217611502not sure.
North Dakota1003571479not sure.
Northern Mariana Islands1442not sure.
Ohio97773617501not sure.
Oklahoma4285364534not sure.
Oregon1570792296not sure.
Pennsylvania94912724306not sure.
Puerto Rico1013272059not sure.
Rhode Island1281212541not sure.
South Carolina5244578719not sure.
South Dakota1133781898not sure.
Tennessee78220611543not sure.
Texas269269145249not sure.
Utah3744381975not sure.
Vermont15964208not sure.
Virgin Islands271425not sure.
Virginia5845379519not sure.
Washington3445325041not sure.
West Virginia1332902323not sure.
Wisconsin6212757103not sure.
Wyoming54764682not sure.

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