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Covid-19/Coronavirus Cases in
United States

Last updated: Sep 19 2020 22:13:14 UTC
Area Infected Died Recovered
Alabama1428632428not sure.
Alaska664445not sure.
Arizona2129425451not sure.
Arkansas740821173not sure.
California77949114893not sure.
Colorado637302009not sure.
Connecticut555274492not sure.
Delaware19366620not sure.
Diamond Princess490not sure.
District of Columbia14852619not sure.
Florida67766013225not sure.
Georgia3028546536not sure.
Grand Princess1033not sure.
Guam207431not sure.
Hawaii11217120not sure.
Idaho36959438not sure.
Illinois2725178647not sure.
Indiana1096833495not sure.
Iowa788391264not sure.
Kansas52125594not sure.
Kentucky601281101not sure.
Louisiana1602835342not sure.
Maine5002138not sure.
Maryland1190623869not sure.
Massachusetts1265829269not sure.
Michigan1275006954not sure.
Minnesota878072002not sure.
Mississippi924322792not sure.
Missouri1113901810not sure.
Montana9871146not sure.
Nebraska40387442not sure.
Nevada750961524not sure.
New Hampshire7861438not sure.
New Jersey19884816061not sure.
New Mexico27350841not sure.
New York44805233085not sure.
North Carolina1909733207not sure.
North Dakota17230184not sure.
Northern Mariana Islands622not sure.
Ohio1425964608not sure.
Oklahoma74567939not sure.
Oregon30342521not sure.
Pennsylvania1535227921not sure.
Puerto Rico39684599not sure.
Rhode Island236201088not sure.
South Carolina1363183177not sure.
South Dakota18075195not sure.
Tennessee1804972196not sure.
Texas70456314951not sure.
Utah61775437not sure.
Vermont170658not sure.
Virgin Islands125719not sure.
Virginia1386052947not sure.
Washington816022037not sure.
West Virginia13685300not sure.
Wisconsin972791238not sure.
Wyoming474749not sure.

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