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Covid-19/Coronavirus Cases in
United States

Last updated: Nov 28 2020 23:13:44 UTC
Area Infected Died Recovered
Alabama2428743572not sure.
Alaska30776119not sure.
Arizona3186386588not sure.
Arkansas1536772436not sure.
California118557619089not sure.
Colorado2209532977not sure.
Connecticut1125814961not sure.
Delaware34170763not sure.
Diamond Princess490not sure.
District of Columbia20937677not sure.
Florida97902018363not sure.
Georgia4645269380not sure.
Grand Princess1033not sure.
Guam6768112not sure.
Hawaii18006240not sure.
Idaho98500909not sure.
Illinois70506312685not sure.
Indiana3245375594not sure.
Iowa2250562360not sure.
Kansas1554111529not sure.
Kentucky1717551871not sure.
Louisiana2306026391not sure.
Maine11265190not sure.
Maryland1928584569not sure.
Massachusetts21925210635not sure.
Michigan3698019357not sure.
Minnesota2950013535not sure.
Mississippi1483873769not sure.
Missouri2966653836not sure.
Montana59796657not sure.
Nebraska124066984not sure.
Nevada1463172095not sure.
New Hampshire19323517not sure.
New Jersey32647316942not sure.
New Mexico918521504not sure.
New York62837534477not sure.
North Carolina3545145210not sure.
North Dakota77232908not sure.
Northern Mariana Islands1042not sure.
Ohio3998086346not sure.
Oklahoma1875671704not sure.
Oregon70832885not sure.
Pennsylvania34923810195not sure.
Puerto Rico506781076not sure.
Rhode Island539541346not sure.
South Carolina2131204346not sure.
South Dakota78280888not sure.
Tennessee3567164526not sure.
Texas120724321693not sure.
Utah190044849not sure.
Vermont400567not sure.
Virgin Islands152123not sure.
Virginia2304444044not sure.
Washington1581672703not sure.
West Virginia45046712not sure.
Wisconsin3995263434not sure.
Wyoming31773215not sure.

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